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    Beta Capital Advisors, a Massachusetts registered investment advisor, is dedicated to partner with advisors and their clients to leverage the power of Beta investing to help achieve their objectives. Beta investing seeks to capture broad equity returns across markets through well diversified, passively managed portfolios. Traditionally investors seek to capture Beta through index investing. Beta Capital Advisors offers a unique approach to capture the long-term benefits of index investing while addressing some its more prominent shortfalls. Through its BetaCore Investing program, array of thought leadership research and insightful educational materials, and Beta oriented advisory services, Beta Capital Advisors is positioned to help investment advisors leverage the full potential of Beta investing on behalf of their clients.

    BetaCore Investing

    What are the benefits?

    A unique investment approach to preserve and enhance the proven benefits of passive investing. BetaCore Models capture the risk profile of traditional core benchmark indexes but with an enhanced diversification profile resulting from extensive asset class analysis, rigorous fund selection, and a disciplined risk management program. Advisors can access the benefits of the BetaCore Models through managed accounts advised by Beta Capital Advisors.

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    Advisory Services

    Institutional experience

    Beta Capital Advisors also works with individuals and institutions on the development of investment policy statements, design of strategic asset allocation programs, and to support the development and launch of innovative passive investment products. Our clients benefit from a unique combination of institutional asset allocation, portfolio management, and product development experience to help support their clients and expand their practices.

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    Supporting your efforts

    Our interests are aligned in delivering a quality value proposition to investors. Comprehensive reporting, insightful collateral materials, educational programs, and industry thought leadership are the core resources to support our clients’ business development efforts. We are also committed to help advisors integrate BetaCore Investing into their practice to raise their clients’ appreciation of the value of financial planning and asset allocation.

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    Latest from Beta Capital Advisors

    In depth research on markets, asset allocation, investment management, and other wealth management topics of interest to our Clients.

    Quarterly perspectives on the performance, risk profile, and historical behavior of Beta markets across the globe.


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Financial Analysts Journal, “The Golden Dilemma”.Paper demystifying rationale for gold investing by Claude B. Erb, CFA and Campbell R. Harvey. Published Financial Analysts Journal, Volume 69, Number 4, 2013. Aggressive expansion in the monetary base across developed markets against the backdrop of growing government budget deficits and unsustainable long-term debt levels have raised concerns on …

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