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  • Advisory Services

    Beta Capital Advisors  is uniquely qualified to support individuals and institutions develop investment programs, explore new strategies, and introduce innovative products.

    Below are some of the areas where clients have benefited from our extensive experience. Please contact us to discuss other areas where we may be able to support your efforts.

    • Develop Investment Policy Statements
      Investment Policy Statements (IPS) translate financial planning into actionable investment programs. The IPS defines the asset allocation, investor risk sensitivity, and other important considerations to guide an investment program to meet the financial planning goals and objectives of your clients.
    • Design strategic asset allocation programs
      Strategic asset allocation is the most important driver of long-term performance and risk for investment programs (see sidebar). By reflecting client risk sensitivities together with long-term objectives asset allocation is the anchor to establish sustainable investment programs better positioned to withstand short-term market volatility.
    • Conduct investment advisor due diligence
      Selecting asset managers to advise segments of your clients’ portfolios is not solely about the search for excess performance. An understanding of the drivers of the investments process, the environments better suited for the strategy, a thorough attribution of the performance results and a thoughtful evaluation of the business will ensure an appropriate fit with the clients’ IPS and asset allocation.
    • Design, structure, launch, and distribution of ETFs and index-based products
      The market for passively oriented financial services is enjoying heightened market attention and dramatic growth. Heightened competition requires firms to focus their efforts to deliver competitive, differentiated, and well-structured solutions to meet market needs. Beta Capital Advisors brings together comprehensive experience developing, structuring, managing, and distributing passive strategies across the globe (see sidebar).

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