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  • Investment Philosophy

    Beta Capital Advisors provides core investment tools to support the asset allocation needs of advisors and their clients. Core investing seeks to capture the rich range of opportunities within asset classes to realize markets’ long-term investment potential.

    Most active core active managers have historically lagged the performance of market benchmarks. Traditional index funds, while effective in reducing costs and generating strong results, often suffer from compromised diversification as a result of their buy-and-hold philosophy and the absence of a disciplined rebalance process. The firm’s BetaCore investment process seeks to combine the advantages of passive investing with the buy/sell discipline so critical to successful active strategies to improve on the results of traditional index funds.

    The firm’s investment approach capitalizes on the diversification, cost, and performance advantages of passive investing and the extensive array of index products available, but overlays a disciplined rebalance program to better control risk exposures and enhance diversification within asset classes.

    The firm offers managed account portfolios to capture the risk profiles of the BetaCore Models across asset classes. With the efficient capture of asset class Betas, enhanced diversification, and advisory fees consistent with other passive investment products, advisors can free resources to enhance their financial planning and asset allocation solutions, and, where appropriate,  advisor due diligence to discover complementary sources of alpha generation to integrate into client portfolios.

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